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Housing for Women Says No More


Housing for Women are stepping up to say No More.

No more excuses.

No more silence.

No more domestic violence.

We are joining up with Hestia and a host of other organisations to send a strong message: we say no more.

The campaign is raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in the UK and encouraging everyone to step up and speak out against it.

Many of the women Housing for Women help are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and we are working to see the day when this is no longer an issue in our society.

To do this, we need to tell society what needs to change, and what we will not stand for. Over the next few weeks, our staff will be taking pledges to tell the UK what they say No More to, and we encourage you to get involved and do the same under the hashtag #UKSAYSNOMORE.

Working together, we can send a powerful message to help end sexual assault and domestic violence for good.

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