Re-Place is the only project in London offering second stage housing and support for women who have been trafficked for sexual exploitation or domestic servitude. These women are some of the near-3,000 women trafficked for prostitution in the UK at any one time. They have often been born into poverty and are sold to traffickers or give the false promise of ‘work and a better life’. These women find it very hard to break away from this as they fear deportation and being treated as a criminal.

Once these women do find help, they are provided with safe house accommodation for 45 day reflection and recovery period. After this, they are often sent on to mixed gender and hostel type accommodation that can be unsuitable for trafficked women at this early stage of their recovery. There are safe house providers in other areas of the UK who are able to refer women on to suitable housing provided by the local authority, but in London this isn’t possible due to the housing shortage. This is where Re-Place comes in: this Housing for Women project is the only one in London providing both appropriate accommodation and support for trafficked women.

Re-Place provides temporary, self-contained housing and in-depth tailored support to help with day-to-day activities. The women who come to the project have a variety of support needs and concerns such as immigration status support, personal safety, physical and mental health, education, training and employment and independent living skills. Key work sessions will be held at least fortnightly and women are supported to access relevant services such as specialist counselling and trauma intervention, language services, medical advice and treatment.

We currently have 11 dispersed, self contained flats with a dedicated Support Worker, who develops a tailored plan for each of our residents, signposting them to specialist agencies as well as providing a range of support for up to 12 months. Residents are predominantly aged 18-25, and stay with our programme on average for 9 months. Our capacity is gradually increasing, and will soon near 40 women.

Clients are referred from ‘safe houses’ when they are ready to live alone with support. We support clients until their immigration status is resolved and they are ready and able to move on to mainstream housing and independent life, or return to their country of origin.

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