Your Legacy

After thinking about your loved ones, a gift in your will means that you’ll be able to keep making a difference to causes that you care about after you’re gone. Making a donation to Housing for Women can help us to meet the needs of vulnerable women and give them better chances in life. Whether it be large or small, leaving a legacy to Housing for Women will allow us to continue providing vital support to women escaping violence, trafficking and attempting to reunite with their children after prison.

Please see Kim’s story to understand the impact that your legacy to Housing for Women could have.

An example of how a legacy has helped us to deliver our services has been a gift we received which was to be used to support the work of our older tenants. From this, we now have a dedicated Older Tenants Worker and support over 200 older women, ensuring that they can live independently and enjoy life in their older age. There is no greater example as to the difference a gift left in your will can make.

Thank you very much if you have left a gift to Housing for Women in your will or are considering doing so. By letting us know your intentions we are able to thank you and keep you updated with the progress of our work. We are also able to confidently estimate support so we can continue to provide support and housing to vulnerable women and their children in London.

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