About Us

About Us

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We are a charity and housing association and have been providing homes for London’s women for over 75 years. The organisation expanded from a ‘job centre’ for women during the Depression in the 1930s to providing accommodation as well as recruitment services. You can read more about how we came to be on the Short History page here. Today the core of our work continues to be supporting women by providing secure, affordable housing and related services, helping our residents make the most of their life chances. We also provide targeted services for women who have suffered domestic abuse, been trafficked or have been released from prison.


Our Mission

We work to empower women through providing good homes and services and challenging inequalities faced by women.

Our Values

1. Women Centered – Tailoring our services for women

2. Empowering Women – To exercise choices and take control

3. Respect – Mutual consideration between the Association and our residents

4. Integrity – Honesty and Fair Dealing

5. Adaptability – Meeting change without sacrificing our values

6. Keeping our Promises – Doing what we say

7. Can do’-attitude – finding solutions rather than problems