World Elder Abuse Day

World Elder Abuse Day

Published 15 June 2024

Today, June 15, marks World Elder Abuse Day—a time to raise awareness about the mistreatment of older people. This day is recognized worldwide and aims to highlight the importance of protecting our elderly population.

Elder abuse can take many forms, including physical harm, emotional distress, neglect, and financial exploitation. Unfortunately, this abuse often goes unnoticed because older people are often too scared or embarrassed to speak out.

At Housing for Women, we believe in supporting and protecting vulnerable groups, including older women. Many older women face unique challenges, such as loneliness and isolation, which can make them more susceptible to abuse.

Elderly women encounter distinct challenges that heighten their vulnerability compared to men. Traditional gender roles, economic inequalities, and healthcare barriers contribute significantly to the hardships faced by older women.

Economically, older women often have less financial security than men, making them more prone to financial exploitation. Furthermore, gender bias within Western medical practices worsens these problems, leading to poorer mental health outcomes. These combined factors significantly increase the risk of abuse and neglect among elderly women.

It's also important for everyone to understand the signs of elder abuse. Look out for unexplained injuries, sudden changes in behaviour, or unusual financial transactions. If you suspect someone is being abused, it's crucial to report it to the authorities.

We can all play a part in preventing elder abuse. By staying connected with older relatives, friends, and neighbours, we can help ensure they are safe and supported. Regular check-ins and offering a listening ear can make a significant difference.

On World Elder Abuse Day, let's pledge to protect and respect our older generation. They deserve to live with dignity and peace. Together, we can help stop elder abuse and create a safer environment for everyone.

If you are concerned about an older person’s welfare, check out the Age UK website here.