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Help us to create a more equal society.

An estimated 4.3 million women (aged 16-59) have experienced domestic abuse since the age of 16.

Although more women are in work than ever before, around 7 in 10, which is a record high, women are still much more likely to be low paid. Women are disproportionate sufferers of the housing shortage in London because their lower wages make it harder for them to afford the rents.

Housing for Women believes that we’re better in partnership. That’s why we’re working with numerous organisations to help us achieve our mission of empowering women and challenging inequalities they face.

We tailor all of our partnerships to ensure activities are mutually beneficial, make the most of our joint assets and meet objectives on both sides.

Benefits of partnering with us

  • Dedicated management – Our fundraising team offers a wealth of experience in all areas of corporate partnerships, from employee fundraising to events.
  • Profile – Your company will be seen to be supporting Housing for Women at a time when female empowerment, domestic abuse and affordable housing is increasingly on the public’s agenda, improving your brand reputation
  • PR and social media – Support from our dedicated Communications Officer maximising exposure of our partnership in the media
  • Staff Engagement – We have volunteering opportunities across London as well as places in our annual 5k and 10k race

Please contact or call us on 020 7501 6152 for more information.

Our Corporate Partners

Housing for Women works in partnership with private sector organisations in communities across London.

Our life-saving work wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary generosity of our corporate partners:

Quick Books Johnson & Johnson P&G
Sainsburys Savoo Fierce Grace