Report a Repair

If you are a resident and need to report a repair, you can do so using the online Customer Portal.

You can also email or call us on 0207 501 6120 and press 3 for repairs.

We are open Monday to Friday 9 am – 5.00 pm

For emergency repairs outside of these hours please call 0207 501 6120, press 3 for repairs, and your call will be diverted to an out of hours service that will be able to assist you.

If you are a supported housing or refuge resident, please report your repair to Housing for Women staff at your premises.


Repair response times

Housing for Women puts repairs into three categories. Each have a maximum response time to complete the job:

  • Emergency - 4 hours (to attend and make safe)
  • Urgent – 5 working days
  • Routine - 20 working days 


Emergency Repairs

Repairs which affect your immediate health and safety or will severely damage the dwelling if they are not dealt with promptly. Housing for Women and our contractors will respond to emergency repairs within a maximum of 4 hours. If it is out of hours and depending on the nature of the repair, we may only make safe and return to complete the work on the next working day.


Urgent Repairs 

Repairs which need to be carried out quickly but do not pose an immediate threat to your safety or the structure of the building. Housing for Women and our contractors will respond to urgent repairs within a maximum of 5 working days.


Routine Repairs 

Repairs of a minor nature with little inconvenience to you or damage to the dwelling. Housing for Women and our contractors will respond to routine repairs within 20 working days.


What you need to tell us when you report a repair

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • The type of property – house or flat
  • Your day time contact number
  • Your day time email address
  • When will someone be at home for the work to be undertaken (Monday to Friday)


Repairs we are responsible for

  • Heating and hot water systems
  • Electrical wiring, sockets and light fittings
  • Plumbing
  • Roofs, outside walls, windows and doors
  • Chimney stacks and flues
  • Drains, gutters and down pipes
  • Inside walls, floors, ceilings and doors
  • Kitchen units and worktops
  • Baths, basins and toilets (not blockages inside the home)
  • Internal and external common areas including lifts
  • Gas pipes and equipment supplied by Housing for Women
  • Pathways and steps around your home
  • Repairs to boundary walls/fences
  • Garages and stores that are built into the property
  • External decorations
  • Internal decorations, only when making good following a repair


Repairs you are responsible for

  • Internal decoration
  • Replacing battery smoke alarms
  • Replacing light bulbs
  • Replacing keys and locks when the keys have been lost
  • Clearing blockages to baths, toilets and basins
  • Repairs to internal doors and locks
  • TV aerials and satellite dishes, unless it is a shared aerial
  • Phone lines, satellite and cable TV, and internet connections
  • Garden sheds
  • Loss of power due to a faulty appliance
  • Adapting doors to fit carpets, unless fitted by us
  • Moving kitchen cupboards
  • Toilet seats
  • Shower curtains
  • Damage to your possessions from water
  • Replacing glass in doors and windows, unless due to fair wear and tear or criminal damage


If you find it difficult to fulfil your repair responsibilities due to age, illness or disability, we may still be able to help you. If this is the case, please contact us.


Getting your repairs done

Housing for Women wants all our residents to live comfortably and safely in the properties we provide for them. To achieve this, we take great pride in providing the best maintenance and repairs we possibly can.

Keeping your home in a decent, safe condition is a key part of being a good landlord. Here's a snapshot of what our repairs service got up to in a year:

  • £614,000 spent on repairs and maintenance of buildings
  • 3567 repairs completed at residents' request
  • 24 boilers renewed at a cost of £47,352





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