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Welcome to our Corporate Plan 2022-27!

Housing for Women began in the 1940’s as an employment agency supporting single women who found themselves unemployable. Women were initially supported with training, clothing and sometimes meals and respite. However, it soon became clear that these women needed something more… a home. The need to provide women with good homes supported by good services remains today and perhaps even more so given the harsh economic environment and cost of living crisis.

Whilst we have made good progress in some areas over the life of our previous plan, our customer satisfaction results have fallen short, and this has been further reflected in the volume of complaints we have been receiving.

Our Corporate Plan 2022-27 clearly sets out a required step change, bringing our customers back to the core of our operations. Over the first 3 years we will be focussed on a “Back to Basics” approach in rebuilding how we communicate with and engage our customers. This activity will be delivered through our Customer First Strategy which sets out the route map for improving our customer service. Our new People Strategy is also key to supporting this cultural shift as well as developing our teams’ skills to deliver positive outcomes for our customers.

The recent mobilisation of our new housing and finance system is beginning to streamline case management and customer contact and is enabling our teams to record and track customer queries and requests effectively. This should in turn free them up to do more customer facing work and improve overall contact management with our customers.

We know we need to do more to win back the trust of our customers and show them we are listening and acting on their feedback. We hope in time to have increased levels of engagement, with residents co-developing improvement plans and holding us to account in respect of our activities and performance.

We will be celebrating our 90th year in 2025/6 and we believe that achieving the aims in this Corporate Plan will provide strong foundations upon which to realign our homes and services for women to our original mission, moving from ‘good to great’.

Download our Corporate Plan (2022-2027) here.

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